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  • For the purpose of providing an effective traffic and transportation management in the city. A scheme is imperative in consonance with the City Ordinance No. 1748-2002.
  • To enforce/implement national laws and local ordinance that may contribute to the City's objective in having a disciplined society, safe environment, effective traffic managemet.
  • The office is solely vested with the power to enforce and implement the Traffic Ordinace and related Ordinances and other traffic management plans and programs.
  • It operates mainly as the Redemption Office of Ordinance Violation Receipts issued by the Traffic enforcers, and imposes disciplinary sanctions for improper or irregular apprehensions of enforcers.
  • Finally, the POSO also has special operational function to combat colorum vehicles and other ordinance violations of public utility drivers and transport grourps.


    1. To provide a comprehensive guideline in the use of all vehicles, roads, streets, parks and other public places as specified in the City Ordinance, subject to its maximum enforcement;
    2. To enhance the technical and practical capabilities of the traffic staff and enforcers by conducting quality safety education, training and linkages with NGOs and other public and private organizations;
    3. To enforce or help in the enforcement of all existing City Ordinances in coordination with concerned agencies.